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About Fivestripes

Fivestripes is the vision of Frank Weeden who first created the Striped Candle and Ana Candles. Fivestripes is now Ana's new home.

Frank has long been a stripe aficionado and can't help but notice them everywhere he goes. So, why not create a venue where stripe lovers can find the best stripes from around the world. Why not? So, we did, and we called it Fivestripes.

To kick off our new venture, we started with special gift items, personal accessories, home products, and other favorites we've come across during our travels. The utilitarian, the refined and the frivolous brought to you by designers who have made their mark producing original designs and quality products. From Alison Lovell's understated chic home accessories to William Bounds' smart pepper mills to our very own Striped Candles...and even some knick-knacks thrown in for fun.

Stripes have been part of the human aesthetic ever since the first weavers and potters introduced patterns into their craft. Whether subtle and refined or bold and brash, stripes continue to inspire boundless creativity. Our loose interpretation goes off in many different directions from straight to sinewy, linear to bold and formal to just downright wacky. Really, anything goes as long as it's beautiful!

We stand by our stripe collections in every way. There are so many stripes out there that we chose only the most beautiful and well-made designs we could find. We know Fivestripes will be a great success and plan to expand our offerings with every new season. So, come visit us again soon and find out what's new in our Striped World...


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